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Why You Need Lithium Batteries.

There are many types of batteries and lithium batteries are one of the types. Their popularity is undeniable and given the many merits they offer this is expected. The use has been going up over the years and the numbers are still going up. They have quite distinct advantages which put them ahead and the improvements they feature fit well with modern technologies. You decision on the choice of a battery will be quite easy when you understand the many benefits of lithium batteries.

First of all, lithium batteries offer a high energy density. Thus, it only makes sense that many technological devices are using them. Electronic devices like mobile phones have to operate for long without necessary being charged. As the electric gadgets are made in such a way that they can handle complex tasks they also have to operate with batteries which have a much higher energy density. For this reason, you need to get lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries’ high energy density makes them perfect to power heavy machines and even electric vehicles. On top of that, they have a low self-discharge rate. A lot of rechargeable batteries fall short when it comes to the self-discharge rate. Lithium batteries self-discharge rate is at 5% for the first 4 hours following charging. After this you can expect the rate to go way down at most two percent in a month. Therefore, you can still operate your gadget with just the battery as the source of power much later. Besides that, you will not have to work very hard at maintaining these gadgets. People are busy with many things and worrying about their batteries is not a priority. Memory effects are the reason why periodic discharge is necessary for the other batteries.

Thus, using lithium batteries makes your work very easy. You will not have to worry about priming when it comes to lithium batteries.

There many rechargeable cells where priming is necessary. However, this does not apply to lithium cells or batteries. You will enjoy the variety when you are picking these batteries as well. Not all technology has the same battery needs which is why gadget manufacturers should be able to find the right battery or cell for the application they are considering. In matters to do with consumer mobile electronic equipment a high current density will be essential. On top of that, there are others where you will get high current levels which is crucial in powering tools and even electric vehicles. Another reason why people love lithium batteries is the fact that they are not pricey. Consumers will be forced to pay too much for a product just because the production cost was not put into consideration.

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