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The government of Australia has imposed a tax on foreign people whose residence are from the eight countries. Following the treaties that required the people outside the countries to be taxed just like the local workers, a backpacker tax was introduced by Australia government. Any foreigner who works in Australia is required to pay backpacker’s task once he/she meets the qualification. Below are some tips which can use to have good care of the backpacker return.

Most likely, you’ll be refunded soon after lodging, and therefore you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for your fee again. However, don’t dwell much on lodging return, and instead, find the best lodge service to have the highest from the tax code. Increasingly, the financial year is between the first July to July thirty of the following year. This implies that when lodging your taxes in the course of tax session, you’ll be required to report the income earned between first July to 30 June. Additionally, the time that the tax season runs is from 1 July until 31 October.

Moreover, you need to boost the amount of refund as you claim for the deductions where the work is related to expenses, and all you require to do is save the receipts. Besides, you can check the progress of your refunds through an online tool provided by the ATO. Apart from the normal tax, the employer might have set aside a particular percentage of earnings to be superannuation fund, and therefore you need to claim it back before leaving the country.

However, for those willing to permanently leave Australia, you can opt to lodge the return early before the incoming year comes to an end. Ideally, you need to gather all your necessary documents because you will undoubtedly require a PAYG summary of payment form all employers. Also, about the status of your residence, you may require a statement such as dividend, from the financial institutions. Knowing your residency status is imperative as this will determine the mode of taxation. Additionally, the moment you decide on going a job, ask the employee to give you all the payment summary.

Australian working holiday visa is essential in giving the youth between the age of eighteen to thirty, an opportunity to work in Australia for up to thirty-six months, where a backpacker is imposed afterward imposed on them If you don’t want to pay for emergency tax, consider providing a tax file number to your employee within the first thirty days. It is recommended to have a tax expert who can take you through your details and finally have a maximum tax refund. Also, you need to have a tax file number in your payment summary; and if not there, you have to apply for another one at the Australian tax office.

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